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Created by Michael J. Sullivan

Michael J. Sullivan's unlikely heroes, Royce and Hadrian, return in a classic fantasy for both Riyria veterans and first-time readers.

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Digital Reward: Then Jester Comic
over 7 years ago – Mon, Nov 07, 2016 at 05:52:23 PM

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Final hours of The Death of Dulgath Graphic Novel Kickstarter
over 7 years ago – Fri, Nov 04, 2016 at 02:55:19 PM

Hey all, we are just a few dollars ($615 to be exact) from our $35,000 stretch goal for the Death of Dulgath Graphic Novel Kickstarter. If you like the Jester comic you recently received as part of this Kickstarter, you'll really want to get in on the graphic novel adaptation of the full novel. There will be a special limited edition cover for the Kickstarter backers that won't be available when the graphic novel goes off to the retail chain.  We are fully funded so the book WILL be made, so no worries there. But if you want to get some of the bonus stuff, now's the time. Project closes at 9:00 Eastern so less than seven hours to go!

Click on Image to go to Kickstarter project.
Click on Image to go to Kickstarter project.


Theft of Swords is a Kindle Daily Deal -- Today Only!
over 7 years ago – Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 01:36:40 PM

Hey all, I mentioned this on the The Death of Dulgath Graphic Novel Project, but there are definitely more people here than there, and I wanted to make sure people know about this special opportunity 

As you know, The Death of Dulgath was designed to be a standalone Royce and Hadrian novel, but the two were introduced in a series called The Riyria Revelations (six books released through three, two-book omnibus volumes). And I wanted to let you know about a special offer on the first two books of that series.

Theft of Swords was selected as a Kindle Daily Deal. For those of you are aren't familiar with Daily Deals, Amazon picks a few books each day to deeply discount and today's (10/14/16) selection is Theft of Swords. This means you can get the book for just $2.99 rather than the normal $9.99 price. And because it has two full-length novels it's an greater value.

The book was released almost 5 years ago and has 37,300 4 & 5 star reviews. It also was nominated for an Audie Award and has been on more than a dozen best-of lists.

One last thing I should mention...if you do pick up a copy of the ebook you should be able to get the audio book at a hugely discounted price. The book has been "Whispersync Enabled" and Amazon gives tremendous price breaks to people who get both formats.

Anyway, I just wanted to let all the backers know about this special pricing. I hope you'll pick up a copy. Oh, and if you already have a copy of the book, consider gifting one to a person you know who might like to sink their teeth into a couple of fun romps with Royce and Hadrian. Or, just drop them a line and tell them about the sale. But be quick, it'll only last till the end of the day.

Death of Dulgath Graphic Novel Kickstarter is up and running!
over 7 years ago – Sat, Oct 08, 2016 at 08:18:15 PM

Sorry, folks, I thought I had made an update post for this, but It looks like it never went out - Doh!  Anyway, I'm so glad that people are enjoying the previews for The Jester Comic, and I wanted to make sure everyone knows that the same people who created it are doing a full-length graphic novel of The Death of Dulgath. And the best part is they are running a Kickstarter for it. Just click on the image below and you can go to its page to check it out. I hope you'll consider backing it. They've assembled an amazing team of very talented people and I think the Graphic Novel will be a much-loved addition to all Riyria fans.


Oh, and while I have you here. Let's look at another preview page from The Jester -- which may be done as early as next week!


Wanted to share the most recent jester comic page
over 7 years ago – Wed, Oct 05, 2016 at 12:28:43 AM

Hey all, just received another page of the Jester comic.  I'm going to share the colored page without the text as I want people to "read it" only in it's final form. Only 9 more pages left and then we'll start getting it out to you.

If you like the way this looks, then keep your eyes open for The Death of Dulgath Kickstarter as it will be created by the same team. It'll launch tomorrow at noon.