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Created by Michael J. Sullivan

Michael J. Sullivan's unlikely heroes, Royce and Hadrian, return in a classic fantasy for both Riyria veterans and first-time readers.

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In other update on the comic
about 8 years ago – Wed, Feb 03, 2016 at 04:02:06 PM

Now that I have a minute to breathe - let me update you all on some other news.  One of which isn't officially announced, but it affects you guys so I'm going to bring it up. It regards the comic -- The Jester.

So When the Kickstarter was going on, and before I added this as a reward I found an artist I liked and we did some samples - you've seen them in the main body I'm sure.  Well, while the clock ticked on a graphic novel producer approached us and they will be producing a full-fledge graphic novel of The Death of Dulgath. 

I think it makes a great deal of sense to have the two match - in other words using the same artists. So I paid the first artist for his work and now I've hired the same artist they are using for your comic.  I think it'll be really cool.  

I've sent them the script and they are revising it now, but as soon as it is they are going to start the artwork.  The artist they chose is fast and it should go quickly but that is one of the reasons the comic is lagging behind the rest.

I'm thinking of suggesting to the publisher that they, too, should do a Kickstarter for the graphic novel. We'll see if they decide to or not but either way - we're expanding Riyria into the Graphic Novel Realm which has a really cool. And I can't wait to have the final product.

I have some other news, and will be back shortly with that. But I wanted to take a moment to share this exciting development with all of you.

Major Shipping Milestone Reached
about 8 years ago – Sun, Jan 31, 2016 at 10:52:54 PM

So, I'm about to go to bed, but it's been a really productive few days.  I know have  boxed up (still need to print some labels) shipments for anyone who was to receive a book as part of their reward level.  So that means:

  • Paper chase & P(Early Bird)
  • Hard core & H(Early Bird)
  • All in
  • Uncommon Valor
  • Rare Breed

This last batch was particularly difficult because it had shipments with multiple books - sometimes as many as 14 in a single shipment!

So, here's the next steps.

  • I'm going to review the non-book rewards (Cuppa Joe, No Reward Specified, Critical Critique, D(Early Bird), and Digital Delight award levels looking for any people who added on books.  I'll ship those out and then all the books will be shipped.
  • With the major aspect of shipping done (the books). I'm going to have to temper my shipping to 1/2 days rather than full days. I'm going to try not to spend more than 4 - 5 hours a day shipping T-shirts, Mugs, Posters, Maps, and Bags. It's now been six weeks of me going pretty much 12 - 15 hour days and a lot has been neglected. While my "kids" are all adults - they are starting to wonder if I'm ever going to do "real dinners" anymore.  We've been living on things I can whip up fast like eggs, soup, or sandwiches for quite some time.  
  • With the other 1/2 of my day I'm going to start editing "Making of The Death of Dulgath. I'm also going to co-ordinate with the artist for the comic (which I have been doing a bit - but only a few hours here and there.  I want to get this moving and that's going to take a concerted effort on my part to get the script into shape. After those two tasks are completed, I'll start working on the signed ebooks - which will, I'm sorry to say be pretty time consuming.  As everyone already has a copy of the ebook, and the signed ebooks are more of a "keep sake" thing, I'm going to limit myself to spending no more than 2 hours a day on that activity. 
  • A few other things I'll be working on the side - is formatting the short stories into ebook form and getting them posted to your digital download area.  The digital version of the map is ready. I just need to post it and give everyone links to it.  Then I have to but together the wallpapers - which shouldn't be too much work.
  • Last but not least, is writing of "Riyria Revealed" - this will probably take me at least a month (maybe two) to write and several weeks to edit - so it will be a bit before that is completed.
So, that's where we stand now.  I feel very guilty about the time it is taking to get the shipping done. I assure you it's not due to lack of effort.  


Blizzard 2016 hits the Washington DC area
about 8 years ago – Sun, Jan 24, 2016 at 10:00:13 PM

As I type this, we are buried under about 22" of snow.  Yes one of those blobs is our car - and hunched over with the shovel is Sarah, our daughter...the latest in the tag-team for shoveling. We've been taking shifts about every 4 hours since sundown on Friday.

Last night, Michael dug a trench, jumped our back fence, and dug out the back door so the dog could go outside to do his business. Our storm door off the back of the house opens out rather than in so that door was inoperable.  Luckily the other two doors open in which means we can at least get outside.  Here is a picture of Toby from a few minutes ago exploring the trench Michael made. He's actually standing on an area where the stairs are and it is packed down hard enough that he is about 6"- 8"above them.

I've boxed up absolutely every book that I have in the house - but haven't put postage labels on them yet because I'm not sure when the post office will be open to receive them.  I have a few more boxes in the storage cube (about 1 mile away) but can't get to them. I'm hoping to be able to later today.   That said, I think I'll have to make another run down to the warehouse for more books (third trip), but won't be doing that until the expressways are fully opened.

I'm truly starting to see an end to shipping - at least for the books.  Other than what I have boxed up I probably only have another 100 or so boxes to do.  I do have to check the people who are at the digital levels who added on books - but given the more than 1,000 packages so far - I think we are definitely down to the last 10% or so. As soon as they are 100% finished I'll work on the add-ons which includes t-shirts, coffee mugs, posters, and maps.  

I have some really big and good news about the comic for the Jester, but I'm going to save that for another post when I can provide a bit more detail.  Won't be too long before I can update you on that.

So, shipping may be a bit delayed as we - and the rest of the area gets dug out. We haven't loss power - a good thing.  But also have the solar generator from the writing cabana (and a few solar panels) in case it does.  We are well stocked in both food and water, so no concerns on that front. 

So for now, we're signing off and keeping warm.  Will update again once things are moving once more.

Another shipping update
about 8 years ago – Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 08:17:55 PM

Still working hard to get packages out.  And still concentrating on books first and foremost.  Some...are getting t-shirts with their books. Mainly those who have only 1 book and a t-shirt that isn't too big.  (I can wrap the book in the t-shirt and fit both in a priority envelope.

Here is where we stand right now:

  • 960 packages have been mailed
  • 1,268 books have been shipped

I have a few "t-shirt only" packages that should start going out soon - those are generally for people who had multiple books AND t-shirts but I can't put the t-shirts and the books in the same box without driving up the postage cost considerably.

I MAY be taking a break on Thursday. The shipping is all consuming - and I'm working at it about 12 hours a day.  Getting pretty burned out - so I think a day "out at the land" may be in order to get me to refresh and rejuvinate.  Will keep everyone appraised as the shipping continues.

Finally -- Got the rare edition stuff in!
about 8 years ago – Wed, Jan 06, 2016 at 07:27:49 PM

Robin here. Well we finally have the slipcases for the Rare Breed orders, so those will start going out today. Also, I took a trip to the warehouse where the bulk of the books are housed and picked up more of the LIMITED edition copies so I can continue shipping those.  

There's still A LOT of books to ship - I mean really massive quantities - but the local storage cube is getting more and more empty.  I may have to make another "book run" to make - we'll know as the last boxes go out.  

Starting to realize that I handled this Kickstarter in not the most optimal way.  Yes, it was very successful but with all the add-ons and all the variations of add-ons the shipping is much more complicated that it could have been if I had done it differently.  So...that's my way of saying bear with me - I'm working as hard as I possibly can, and any future Kickstarters will be organized such that I can make use of a fulfillment company - which will mean a much speedier shipping process.